About me

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2002. At the time, I was working full-time for the Orange County Register in a job that I greatly enjoyed. It was exactly the right fit at the time – I was working with a wonderful group of people, I was given the opportunity to be creative and manage products, but was also given enough guidance to grow and improve, and, as a copy editor, was able to constantly correct other people’s grammar.

But, with our growing family, my wife and I felt that it would be better for the kids to have a parent at home. Fortunately, my contacts at the Register had enough work to keep my plate full, with enough flexibility that I’d also have time to be a dad – helping the kids with homework, being a Cub Scout leader, coaching soccer, and volunteering in various ways for school and church.

In addition to writing and being a dad, I’ve also been an avid runner, cyclist, and general fitness junkie.

I’ve tended to specialize in writing about Orange County job market trends, job-hunting strategies and, more recently, profiles of organizations that have been featured in the Orange County Register’s annual Top Workplaces section. I’ve particularly enjoyed this new venture, as I’m always interested in learning about how organizations were started and the people who started them and made them thrive.

Feel free to contact me regarding any writing or editing needs that your organization might have.


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